Do You Remember When You were Young?

Why do we forget our childhood dreams? Our supernatural powers? Our infinite freedom and independence? Why do we integrate into what we once hated?

Why don’t we change the world? Why don’t we start with our office? Why don’t we start on our floor? At the water cooler? The kitchen where we meet the other girls and guys from the office?

Why do we just talk – and don’t dare to act accordingly?

We knew what to do when we were young! We knew we were right! Are we wrong now? Did the world change? Did the office become a better place? Did anything change?

We changed. We stopped dreaming. We stopped fighting. We stopped developing. We started working. We started a career.

What kind of career might that possibly be/come, when we all are the same? Mass-manufactured? When nobody dares to step out of the line? When nobody dares to change anything? When we celebrate incremental changes, milimeters of deviation from average as a big win, a breakthrough?

Stop making sense! Start thinking! You will never change anything, if you don’t change yourself.

Be a Spark! Cha[lle]nge the Game! Leave a Mark!