"Speed and Agility trump Size and Experience"

Kevin Kelly: “In the highly turbulent, quickly reforming environment of the new economy, the competitive advantage goes to the nimble and malleable, the
flexible and quick. Speed and agility trump size and experience. Fast to find the new is only one half the equation; fast to let go is the other important half.”

Funny enough consumers are very good at it – very much better than brands and businesses. Consumers have adopted the internet, mobility, and digital culture to maximize their independence, individuality, and impatience. Traditional structures, principles, and intuitions cannot cope with that anymore.

And: Consumers becoming entrepreneurs are the new force, not big corporations. Students founded – out of an individual need – now multinational corporations like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, tumblr.

Kevin Kelly: “Of all the lessons that biology has to offer us as we begin to assemble a network economy, the necessity of abandoning our successes will be the hardest to practice.”

We cannot be truly innovative, if we fear changing the game, breaking the rules, abandoning our worn-out path of success. But if we don’t do it ourselves, Steve Jobs will do it, or any of our potential consumers, anybody with ambition, aspiration, courage, engagement.

David Gillespie: “Therein lies the issue that confronts not just the music industry, but any company who gets very, very good at making money off of something.
They focus all their energy on how they can make more money off that
something, rather than looking at ways they can disrupt their own
business model. One of the reasons Apple is so successful is it is
hell-bent on making its own products obsolete before someone else does.”

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