Be Curious! – You will need no other Talent

Curiosity is the beginning of it all. Curiosity will lead your way, your path. Stay curious. Stay hungry – like Steve Jobs put it.

Of course this is not the shallow curiosity of surfacing or just digging your toe in. This is the curiosity of the child longing to understand the universe. Digging deeper and deeper, as long as there are answers.

A curiosity, which finds its own way. Which paves a life, a career. Where your inner curiosity becomes your calling. Where your calling inspires others.

Follow your curiosity, build your experiences, strive to perfect your intuition.

Your curiosity sparks imagination, creativity, and innovation. Your curiosity is the only way you, your brand, corporation, habitat, society will develop and prosper.

Save your curiosity from being choked by kindergarten, school, university, your job. Save your colleagues’ curiosity. Develop means and measures to stay curious as an organisation, corporation, society.

Never let anybody keep you from discovering, learning, exploring, developing, outgrowing yourself.