#überholspuren: Forget Your Maps! – Use Your Intuition

While riding my bike I saw many people, young and old, looking at maps to find their way through the banks, forests, and nature reserves.

Why have they been there? To bike? To enjoy the air, nature, sun, and ride? To talk with their friends and partners?

Why do they need a map? Why don’t they just enjoy the venue, the surrounding, the moment? Why don’t they just curiously stroll along?

Is there a shortcut to what they are searching for? I think the journey itself is the reward.

The map will give you just beaten paths. No surprises. Just many people, walking down the same road. No innovation, no imagination. Just roads. Be curious, don’t follow a map. Be innovative, go your own way.

Use your intuition, discover new horizons, discover mental riches. Inspire the others to drop their maps, and start discovering. We desperately long for courageous discoverers – we don’t need no card readers.