The Perils of Intuition for Politicians and Business Leaders

“You should not take your intuition at face value;
overconfidence is a powerful source of illusions.”
Daniel Kahnemann, Princeton, in McKinsey Quarterly No.2, 2010

Overconfidence is the most common problem in politicians and business leaders – and diagnosing your own overconfidence right takes a wise wo/man.
The Problem is they all think they are wise, because otherwise they would not be at the top, of course!

But intuition grows better and better if your gut feeling learns and develops. Get feedback, discuss outcomes, learn from results, draw consequences, develop Golden Rules to support your next intuitive decisions. Search for objectivity in your feedback, your experts, your advisers.

I know, it’s really difficult, because you are a wo/man of flawlessness, but rest assured: nobody is.

Some will become better, striving for perfection. Be one of them. Become a better leader, a better strategist, a better visionary, a better role model.

Dare to Challenge your intuition everytime you meet her!