The Laws of the Market? – Forget Them!

You still think you have to obey the laws of the markets you are in? You still think you should follow the rules made up by average behaviour of average brands and corporations addressing our most average John and Jane Does?

If you do not transcend the market rules, somebody else will. And not somebody you have on your radar right now!

The laws of the market are the dinosaur skeletons of past successes. They describe in long poetic stories what once has been – not in short staccatos what will be.

The laws of the market are made up by the establishment, by tradition, and habituation.

They talk about status, experience, intuition. About experts and expertise. About heritage.

They do not talk about new challenges, or about change, about individuality, independence or impatience.

Break them – or they break you! The people have stopped to adhere to them. Follow the people to lead them again!