#liebesleader: Don’t let them Steal Your Super Powers!

You do not have super powers? Or you did not discover your talents till now? No! They try to steal them. Everyday. Your bosses, co-workers, colleagues.

They envy your super powers. They want to own them themselves. And put them in a layer. Hide them from the world.

Because they do not understand that these powers are needed. They do not believe in things they can’t explain, they do not own – or have not invented themselves.

They should foster your talents – not steal them. They should help you to develop and grow. They should help you to outgrow yourself. For your own good, the company’s good, their own good.

These super powers are known as Intellect, Intuition, and Imagination. Known as Beginner’ Mind and Childlike Curiosity. Known as Courage!

#stopmakingsense – and grow your super powers!