True Leaders Become Redundant

Can you imagine, becoming redundant? Can you imagine, to do everything in your power to empower other people to strive and become successful and happy without you?

Can you imagine, to set people, processes and (corporate) cultures free? To develop them into a state of independence and individuality?

You think I am out of my mind?

No, I just think that is the ultimate goal of leadership: to empower and inspire the ones surrounding you to go their own way! To explore their own horizons. To help them to become intelligent, intuitive, and imaginative enough to become leaders themselves.

If you are a true role model, this will be the last and most important step for those who are inspired by you: leaving you and becoming autonomous!

Everybody, to become a better person and leader, will have to have her own experiences, make his own mistakes, leave their own footsteps on new grounds.

Last, but not least: by becoming redundant you free yourself for your next venture! Think about that. Do not stick to your current job, position, environment, prejudices, and mindsets. Free yourself by becoming redundant!


This is even more true for political leaders. In fact that is their only goal: agreeing a canon of social and ethical values and a vision for the future in cooperation and collaboration with the people, forging strategies, rules and laws accordingly, developing and growing a society being able to live, strive, and prosper on their own – every single individual.