Innovation is a Culture – Not a Process

Innovation is dripping from the walls. It is at the water cooler, in the kitchen, the cantina. You feel it on the floors, in the lobby, even outside the building, at the campus, the street. You may lick it from the logo, smell it in the elevator.

You don’t get it? That’s the problem.

You are the innovation. And innovation is all around you. Innovation is in every person around – or nowhere.

You cannot catch innovation and lock it into a room. You cannot add a price tag or a stop watch. You cannot restrict it to certain meeting hours or opening times.

You cannot process innovation, cannot produce it. Cannot compute it. You can just allow it. Foster it. Empower it.

You are the innovation. Your diversity is innovation. Your beginner’s mind. Your curiosity, your openness and transparency. Your wisdom. Your common sense. Your creativity, inspiration.

Innovation is your culture is innovation.