Freedomphobia – Fearing the Freedom of Others

Fearing the freedom of others is no good leadership. It even contradicts true leadership. Leadership sets people free.

Political and economical leaders suppressing freedom of speech while I write these words are found not just in the countries known for their recent revolutions.

It starts at your company not having access to facebook, twitter, certain blogs, etc. It ends at the G8 talking about the future of the web.

Every political and economical leader suppressing access to the web, ‘civilizing’ the web’s citizens, undermining net neutrality suffers from freedomphobia.

The true leaders understands the fantastic economical and political advantages of the internet. The true leader understands the power of diversity, synthesis, global equality and freedom of speech as critical to creativity and innovation.

Every true leader neglects the narrowed view of today and focusses on the future, the new horizons, the mental and material wealth a free web, free and independent employees and citizens have to offer.

True leaders do not fear the freedom of others. On the contrary: The freedom, independence & individuality of others, the ability & opportunity for change are the focus of a true leader!